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Don’t Know Where to Start? Go with These 7 Basic DIY Alarm Systems

The challenge is always with how to begin. The changes in technology happen just as fast as the seasons change, you’ll have problems keeping up. And the fast-paced evolution has made technology a little intimidating. All of a sudden, phones didn’t have keypads and desktops didn’t have bulky CPUs.


Photo courtesy of ajcespedes via Pixabay

Same goes with alarm systems. Just like that, they don’t have wires and they can be managed via touchscreen. If you’re a regular homeowner that does not know a thing about home alarm systems, it is very possible that you’ll zone out at the mention of “arming” or “disarming”— two basic things you’ll have to learn about a security system.

But don’t you worry, because there are a number of DIY alarm systems that anybody, regardless of the level of knowledge in alarms, could easily install and operate. Here’s a list of basic security devices for beginners and everything you need to know on how to get started with DIY home alarm and security systems.

Honeywell Lynx Plus Kit L3000

This is the latest offering from the Lynx series of Honeywell, one of the most trusted names in security. A wireless alarm system, the basic Honeywell Lynx L3000 features a smaller and more attractive design—just one of the things to get you excited. It is a self-contained wireless system with a main unit composed of a control panel, keypad, siren, dialer, two-way voice system, and speakerphone.

This security system supports up to 25 wireless sensors and up to 15 wireless remotes. And when you hear wireless, this means that installing this DIY alarm system would be easy-breezy. You don’t have to drill walls and deal with pesky cables.

The Honeywell Lynx Plus is ideal for small residential spaces. The panel can support up to 40 alarm zones, which is basically how the system manages and controls sensors. Sensors are assigned to these zones or a particular area of the house. It is smaller than most systems but it is very reliable. It can be linked to a phone line or a cellular phone and programmed to call for self-monitoring purposes.

DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT

An all-in-one wireless touchscreen alarm system from DSC, a leader in DIY alarm systems, the DSC Touch offers a total home experience. Apart from the security features of the kit, it also helps in home management. The DSC Touch can cover up to 59 wireless zones and can also have up to 242 user codes, making it perfect for homes and small businesses. It has a built-in two-way microphone so you could communicate to a central station.

With a built-in Z-Wave control unit, you can automate electrical devices inside the house to control the temperature, locks, and lights. You can also control all these things with an Internet-enabled mobile phone. This means you have total control of your property wherever you are.

The cool part is that the DSC Touch has an interface you’ll fall in love with. The interface built into the control panel has intuitive icons for easier system operation. The screen has a colored resolution of 800×480 and features a built-in camera that automatically captures a photo when an alarm is triggered.

DSC Alexor KIT495-17CP01


Photo courtesy of cedric52 via Pixabay

This DSC Alexor Kit features a two-way wireless panel with a 32-zone wireless system. One of its unique features is that it has a bidirectional ability to communicate to wireless devices such as keypads and remotes. This means that the device will receive a confirmation after the system was armed or disarmed. It is also a distributed wireless system, allowing you to safekeep the main core away from other devices. It makes the system a little less vulnerable compared to other all-in-one setups.

No need for a pro in installing the device because everything is wireless. You may also add other wireless accessories such as sirens and strobes to increase the reliability and integrity of this easy setup home security system.

DSC Impassa KIT457-99AAT

For beginners whose prime consideration is easy installation, the DSC Impassa is a perfect alarm kit. With this, you won’t have to wire every single security component back to the control panel. All you need is a piece of 18-gauge wire that connects the control panel to the power transformer. Every other device compatible with Impassa is wireless anyway.

The newer Impassa kits are ready. This means you can receive all the benefits of remote services offered by such as signal transmission, remote arming or disarming, and email notifications on your mobile device.

Honeywell Vista 15P 6160


Photo courtesy of skeeze via Pixabay

The Honeywell Vista 15P alarm kit is a mid-level system that has the capability to handle up to 32 zones with the use of hardwired and wireless expansion. It is perfect for mid-range homes that need protection from burglary but also fire, flooding, temperature change, and carbon monoxide poisoning. This alarm kit can also handle home automation including controlling the thermostat, lighting, and door locks. The system requires a 6160 keypad for programming and setup.

You can choose from a selection of DIY alarm systems on Alarm System Store today, which even offers to pre-program your system for easier use. The intimidation with security devices should no longer keep you from ensuring the safety of your home and your loved ones. Technology + DIY have got you covered.

WIX SEO HERO Competition For A Cause

Manila, Philippines: Technology has made the world smaller and brought people closer. We monitor elections in a country from miles away, witness Facebook’s live video from space, and watch the live streaming of the Super Bowl’s halftime show where they happen, when they happen. But while the internet is a good platform for entertainment and be virtually part of world events, it also teaches us a sense of responsibility.


The media closely monitors the war in Syria, which started with a peaceful uprising in 2011. The United Nations reported that at least 250,000 people have been killed in the past five years, and displaced more than 4.8 million civilians. But the virtual world only started to really take note when a photo of a little boy from Aleppo, bloodied and shocked, went viral. Didn’t that image haunt you or made you ask “what can I do,” or “how can I help?”


A growing number of SEO professionals have taken the answer to that question a notch higher, and took on the challenge to be SEO Heroes. WIX, a cloud-based web development platform, started an SEO Hero contest for digital marketers and innovators. Everyone was invited to create a website optimized to the keyword, SEO Hero. If their website ranks highest for that search term in four months’ time, WIX will give the winning website $50,000.


The SEO Hero Challenge

Given the range of influence of SEO professionals in promoting businesses and making them thrive, they are also the best group of individuals to rally behind a cause such as drumming up support and assistance to the people of Syria. The SEO Hero challenge provides the perfect platform for SEO natives to do their part and make a difference. The Propelrr team is channeling this raw influence to spearhead a movement to help Syria’s children.


The WIX contest is open to all SEO professionals around the world. They are to create a website in English on any platform (not just about SEO professionals and experts that can be considered heroes. Every day, a moderator will search Google for the term “SEO Hero.” The site to rank highest on average over the period of March 13 to 15, 2017 at 12:00PM ET (noon) and 20:00PM ET will be declared winner within two weeks of the challenge end date.


Google’s guidelines for SEO will be followed and all participants are expected to comply with the rules of the competition. Eran Hurvitz, CEO of MRKT360 INC, was tasked to ensure that everyone does. Entries must also satisfy the following requirements:


(1) Domain must be purchased on or after November 16, 2016. Note that the submission of entries was completed between November 16 and December 16, 2016.


(2) An account with Google Analytics and Google search console by February 16, 2017 to be connected to participant’s SEO Hero website.


Why join

Propelrr, a digital marketing company from the Philippines, initiated to gather SEO professionals and show the people of Syria that the world cares by joining the Wix SEO Hero contest. They created and gathered digital influencers and SEO professionals based locally and abroad. The supporters were interviewed and asked about how the online community can impact society. In “Hero Talk,” supporters are encouraged to talk about their concept of being a “hero” and how they think the professional practice can help make a difference.


To hero up for Syria, just sign up with your name and email and share how SEO professionals can band together for a good cause. The simple gesture of signing up could mean a whole world of difference for Syria.


SEO professionals are also encouraged to share the website on their own sites and social media pages. There’s also a badge you can share to show your support.


Should the website win, the full amount will be donated to Karam Foundation, a group committed to provide much-needed aid to Syrian children.


The work of Karam

Karam Foundation is a non-profit organization that is on a mission to rebuild Syria and provide a better future for its citizens and children. Apart from distributing aid, the foundation also developed innovative education programs for the Syrian youth refugees and continues to fund sustainable development projects for Syrian families.


Karam means generosity in Arabic. And true to their name, the foundation, which was founded in 2007 in Chicago, has been helping communities in need, starting with a food drive on the south side of Chicago in its early years. Today, they also help communities across the western part of Asia, including Syria.


Among their programs is to encourage families to sponsor a Syrian refugee. There are around one million Syrian refugee children today who need not just aid but long-term support such as education and other future-building tools. Karam itself is sponsoring over 200 refugee children to go to school. This can be done by donating $50 a month.


Karam also distributes emergency aid to the communities of Aleppo, a rebel stronghold. The foundation also believes in providing “smart aid” or programs that are sustainable and respond to the needs of the population. They are also building a Karam House, which is expected to be finished this 2017. It is a space of healing for survivors traumatized by violence and displacement.


The road to healing and rebuilding of Syria is long. But by being SEO Heroes, you can make things a little better by letting civilians and refugees know that the world cares.




SEOHERO.SUPPORT is cause-driven call initiative seeking the support of all Digital and SEO professionals globally to win the WIX SEO Contest aimed to donate 100% all the $50,000 winning pot to the war-stricken children of Syria.



9 Frugal Ways to Ensure Home Security on Holidays

It is the most dangerous time of the year.

Unless you do something about it, the holidays will always make criminals merry. During the holidays, there are a lot of opportunities to commit crime: people are distracted, they leave their belongings in the car, and are busy with more shopping money than usual. Crimes are not only targeted at persons but also at properties, since most will be leaving their homes to be with friends and families.

Crime rate normally increases by 30% during the holidays. You need to be alert while inside the mall or parking your car. You have to know how much cash you stashed in your bag and hold it close. But what about your home? Burglars feel like opening gifts in holidays and they could be looking right outside your window for a really special haul.

Not to put you on panic mode, but if you want a crime-free holiday, you have to find ways to keep your family and your home safe. There are easy and very affordable ways to ensure home security on holidays. Assuring a safe home while on vacation is not a herculean task, but mostly just about diligence, awareness, and common sense.

Here are 9 holiday home security tips to make sure only your acquaintance will come sneaking at your home.

Keep valuables in a safe

When you leave the house on holidays, make sure your cash and valuables are kept in a password-protected safe. Make sure your money, credit cards, checkbooks, jewelry, and even gadgets you’re not bringing on the trip are kept in parts of the home that are secure. These small valuables are what burglars are after: they are lightweight and cost a lot.

Think of yourself as a burglar: where would you likely search? Needless to say, don’t put them there. Burglars don’t like working overtime so if they won’t be able to find something valuable in the first few minutes, they will most likely leave. According to researches, an average burglar normally takes 10 minutes from creeping around your home and searching your house to getting away.

Bolster door and window locks

Do your Christmas lights run through the window? This is a holiday problem that a lot of home owners can relate to. One basic upgrade to improve home security is installing an inexpensive exterior outlet for your holiday lights.

The next step is to burglarproof your doors and windows by securing them with simple hardware materials. Burglars love unlocked doors and windows. According to statistics, 30 % of intruders entered a home through an unlocked door, window or other opening without resorting to force.

Make sure your doors are secure by installing solid core doors, heavy duty locks, longer screws in the lock strike plates, security chains, and door hinges. Install secondary security devices in all accessible sliding windows or if you can afford to put up metal bars, go ahead.

Leave them as they are

Do you close the curtains totally to prevent people from peeking inside your house while you’re away? Or do you open them to give the idea that someone’s home?

It is best to leave the curtains exactly as they are when you are home. Noticeable changes, such as closed curtains for two weeks, can give burglars a hint that you are away. A basic home security tip is giving burglars the idea that nothing’s changed. Don’t forget to move expensive items such as computers out of plain sight.

Invest on a light timer

Aside from the curtains, make sure to leave the lights on as you normally would. Nothing is more attractive to intruders than a house with no lights on for days. Beef up your home security on holidays by purchasing an inexpensive light switch timer that you can program or schedule to turn on and off at different parts of the day. When your lights are flipping, burglars will think that someone’s home.

Stop the mail

A pile of newspapers and letters at the doorstep or in the mailbox could serve as a signal to burglars. If you are going away for more than a week, it is best put a stop order on subscriptions. If not, at least ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail. If you live in a condo or a subdivision, you can ask the security personnel to keep the mail for you.

Stay away from social media

Stop oversharing on social media to ensure a safe home while on vacation. According to an ADT study, over half of young people post their location on social media, a fact that burglars take advantage of. Sharing your location and pictures on vacation makes you an easy target for a tech-savvy intruder. Remember that the wrong people could be looking at your photos. A survey of ex-burglars also found that over 75% believe that most intruders today use social media to find easy properties to target. Furthermore, a Friedland study revealed that 74% of burglars also use Google Street View in home thefts.

Remove spare key under “secret places”

That flower pot outside the doorstep is not fooling anyone. Never again “hide” spare keys under the mat, inside the mailbox, on top of the door frame, or inside the garbage bin. Your cover has long been figured out. Burglars do not like using force because it creates noise. They would reach under the mat and inside the mailbox so make sure you won’t be giving them an easy time.

Set the alarm

Installing an alarm system is a good investment, regardless of the time of the year. A survey of convicted burglars showed that 60% considered the presence of an alarm before breaking into a home. Half of the respondents said they would discontinue the attempt if an alarm is present. Whether you are going away or staying at home, make sure you set the alarm and stay vigilant.

There are also mobile applications now that let you view live video feed from your smart phone. Such basic upgrades to improve home security are not expensive, too. This is a worthy investment that lets you keep your home safe anytime, anywhere.

Don’t stock gift boxes

So you got a new flat screen TV for a special holiday like Christmas. The burglar doesn’t need to know. Don’t pile up empty gift boxes of your new laptop, DVD player, or cellphone outside your house. Conceal them in a garbage bag and don’t give burglars the idea that you have new appliances in the house.

Keeping your home safe this holiday season should not take so much from you. It’s easy and affordable. Whether you are staying home, hosting a party, or going away on vacation, it is best to keep your home safe all year round. Peace of mind is priceless and nothing is as valuable and worth it than the safety of your family.

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Interactive Videos In Your Business

The future of video is interactivity, and any business that’s already using them in whatever shape or form should definitely look into taking that next step from just linear or static to interactive videos. Not too long from now every video will become interactive and as a business owner, you need to make sure you’re ahead of the competition and are already utilizing this technology today.

Not convinced? Here are 6 reasons that will change your mind:

1. Interactive videos can help you keep your audience interested in your story



Photo courtesy of audiolucistore via Flickr, Creative Commons

Video allows you to communicate with your consumers in a more creative way, much better than what you could ever hope to do with text. This is possible because videos engage not only the visual sense of the viewer but the auditory as well. This makes it one of the best mediums for digital storytelling and any modern branding strategy would be lacking without it.

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Are Automated Home Alarm Systems the Next Household Staple?

Photo by Charbel Akhras via Flickr Creative Commons

Home security automation is just a part of the giant concept bubble that makes up a Smart Home but it proves to be very integral. Security systems along with lighting and home entertainment account for almost 58% of the US home automation market during 2010 and it is expected to reach $3.8 billion by 2016. A report from IHS Research says that consumers today are having the notion that home and family security can simply be an add-on service, instead of an individual offer. Essentially, this tells us that securing a safe home for your family will be much easier and convenient since you would no longer attend to installation and monthly fees separately, but instead be given the option of pairing home and family safety, and security with services such as video monitoring, lighting control and energy management.


Market Redefined

The entry of telecommunication companies and utilities in the market may have caused this drift in thinking since they play a vital role in the trend for bundled home technology services. This development now carries the potential of home security systems to have a stronger hold in the market as well as the ability to go beyond the rumored 20% increase rate.


Here are key factors that impact the North American home automation market from 2011 to 2017. They have maximum acquisition of smart home systems and  serve as the appropriate baseline as the region currently leads the market share.

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