The challenge is always with how to begin. The changes in technology happen just as fast as the seasons change, you’ll have problems keeping up. And the fast-paced evolution has made technology a little intimidating. All of a sudden, phones didn’t have keypads and desktops didn’t have bulky CPUs.


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Same goes with alarm systems. Just like that, they don’t have wires and they can be managed via touchscreen. If you’re a regular homeowner that does not know a thing about home alarm systems, it is very possible that you’ll zone out at the mention of “arming” or “disarming”— two basic things you’ll have to learn about a security system.

But don’t you worry, because there are a number of DIY alarm systems that anybody, regardless of the level of knowledge in alarms, could easily install and operate. Here’s a list of basic security devices for beginners and everything you need to know on how to get started with DIY home alarm and security systems.

Honeywell Lynx Plus Kit L3000

This is the latest offering from the Lynx series of Honeywell, one of the most trusted names in security. A wireless alarm system, the basic Honeywell Lynx L3000 features a smaller and more attractive design—just one of the things to get you excited. It is a self-contained wireless system with a main unit composed of a control panel, keypad, siren, dialer, two-way voice system, and speakerphone.

This security system supports up to 25 wireless sensors and up to 15 wireless remotes. And when you hear wireless, this means that installing this DIY alarm system would be easy-breezy. You don’t have to drill walls and deal with pesky cables.

The Honeywell Lynx Plus is ideal for small residential spaces. The panel can support up to 40 alarm zones, which is basically how the system manages and controls sensors. Sensors are assigned to these zones or a particular area of the house. It is smaller than most systems but it is very reliable. It can be linked to a phone line or a cellular phone and programmed to call for self-monitoring purposes.

DSC Touch KIT467-94HAT

An all-in-one wireless touchscreen alarm system from DSC, a leader in DIY alarm systems, the DSC Touch offers a total home experience. Apart from the security features of the kit, it also helps in home management. The DSC Touch can cover up to 59 wireless zones and can also have up to 242 user codes, making it perfect for homes and small businesses. It has a built-in two-way microphone so you could communicate to a central station.

With a built-in Z-Wave control unit, you can automate electrical devices inside the house to control the temperature, locks, and lights. You can also control all these things with an Internet-enabled mobile phone. This means you have total control of your property wherever you are.

The cool part is that the DSC Touch has an interface you’ll fall in love with. The interface built into the control panel has intuitive icons for easier system operation. The screen has a colored resolution of 800×480 and features a built-in camera that automatically captures a photo when an alarm is triggered.

DSC Alexor KIT495-17CP01


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This DSC Alexor Kit features a two-way wireless panel with a 32-zone wireless system. One of its unique features is that it has a bidirectional ability to communicate to wireless devices such as keypads and remotes. This means that the device will receive a confirmation after the system was armed or disarmed. It is also a distributed wireless system, allowing you to safekeep the main core away from other devices. It makes the system a little less vulnerable compared to other all-in-one setups.

No need for a pro in installing the device because everything is wireless. You may also add other wireless accessories such as sirens and strobes to increase the reliability and integrity of this easy setup home security system.

DSC Impassa KIT457-99AAT

For beginners whose prime consideration is easy installation, the DSC Impassa is a perfect alarm kit. With this, you won’t have to wire every single security component back to the control panel. All you need is a piece of 18-gauge wire that connects the control panel to the power transformer. Every other device compatible with Impassa is wireless anyway.

The newer Impassa kits are ready. This means you can receive all the benefits of remote services offered by such as signal transmission, remote arming or disarming, and email notifications on your mobile device.

Honeywell Vista 15P 6160


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The Honeywell Vista 15P alarm kit is a mid-level system that has the capability to handle up to 32 zones with the use of hardwired and wireless expansion. It is perfect for mid-range homes that need protection from burglary but also fire, flooding, temperature change, and carbon monoxide poisoning. This alarm kit can also handle home automation including controlling the thermostat, lighting, and door locks. The system requires a 6160 keypad for programming and setup.

You can choose from a selection of DIY alarm systems on Alarm System Store today, which even offers to pre-program your system for easier use. The intimidation with security devices should no longer keep you from ensuring the safety of your home and your loved ones. Technology + DIY have got you covered.