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5 Facts You Wouldn’t Believe Made These Trees Awesome Throughout History

When you think about trees you probably think of the words “green”, “photosynthesis”, “shade” etc. But what if I told you trees have the power to start a war or even prevent one? Or that they can actually save your life?
Intrigued? Well I’ve got just the list for you starting with:

5. We probably all know Anne Frank, the Jewish girl who wrote that now-famous diary while in hiding during Hitler’s tyranny. But you probably didn’t know how a tree right outside their window actually encouraged her to live. Here’s an excerpt from her diary:
“From my favorite spot on the floor I look up at the blue sky and the bare chestnut tree, on whose branches little raindrops shine…As long as this exists…this sunshine, the cloudless skies, while this lasts I cannot be unhappy.”

annefranktree Continue reading

The Green Trend: Does everything need to be green?

The green trend has always been popular in today’s post modern age. With the rise of industrialization, many businesses and companies have been wary about their future expenses so most of them invest in eco-friendly ideas to cut down costs, boost their net income and conserve what’s left of Mother Nature. There’s nothing wrong with going green especially when you’re trying to allocate the necessary amount of resources for your future benefits. In fact, many people have realized the significance of green technology since it continuously reduces the accumulation of toxic wastes that have a direct effect on their health.

Green Tech

Image: Totally Green

Green technology puts emphasis in the conservation of energy and minimization of overspending by maximizing the use of natural resources. How many times have you encountered different organizations and agencies advocate the same objective in print, broadcast and online media? Surely, the battle between innovation and traditional means of environmental conservation have come a long way and the invention of solar, wind and water-powered devices have successfully penetrated the market until now to prove that the green technology is becoming more in demand as time goes by. Continue reading

The Hidden Dimensions of Google Glass

Google Glass’ breakthrough technology seems to have been creating a buzz all over the net since the test/sample devices have been handed to selected trusted persons from the public.

Its basic function as a high-end interface personal assistant enables users to check, receive and send mails, messages, photos and videos online, experience real time chatting, navigation and allow search on Google while walking outside, driving or when your hands are full. While it has been released earlier to some trusted public for test runs and reviews, there has already been apprehensive feedbacks and questions raised by the public against the creation of such advanced technology. Institutions like casinos, hospitals, schools and even restaurants have already banned the technology from being used inside their buildings. Zooming out of the negative, tech geeks loved the forwardness of Glass in terms of elevating and pushing the boundaries of existing technologies.


It has created a love-hate noise about the impact on safety and security of people should Google launch the $1500 product to the market. The bigger question is, does it really pose threats to our time or should we consider this as an advancement of our ingenious technology? Continue reading

How to Jumpstart that Nagging Dream

So lately you realize you’re not being challenged enough in the workplace (or you are thinking of a different path), and often find yourself staring outside your office window. Either you’re soaking in the scenery (which I highly doubt) or it’s a sign that you gotta get out! Start your own business perhaps? Instead of waiting for that glorious 5 pm tick, why not mull over these tips for a bit? You know, just in case I’m right.
Dream BIG. This is the time you allow yourself to think of the wackiest, downright-mad, and gigantic ideas you could think of! Sky’s the limit! (Well, almost).

Reality-check. Now you have to be honest with yourself. Know thyself and resources. Do you have the necessary skills and abilities? List down all of your strengths and weaknesses and make a cross-reference with what your business idea requires. Make sure your idea is sustainable and actually caters to a need, a market’s want, or actually solves a problem. Continue reading

Top Three Reasons Why ‘Going Green’ Is Not Just a Fad

Aside from the rise of a generation of teenagers that like to take pictures of themselves every two hours, one of the defining trends of the century is an increasing awareness of the degradation of the environment. But some people think this is just a phase in human history and in the end consumerism will prove timeless. What these people have not considered is that there are unnoticed but very fundamental reasons why the Going Green initiative is not just a passing fancy, but an evolutionary response.

3. People do not like wars
War is very expensive, deadly, and morally ambiguous. Despite these reasons, monarchies, governments, and corporations have been known to start wars over legitimate sounding reasons such as religion, social revolution, and even revenge. Of course, there were wars fought over not-so-legitimate reasons such as drunken soldiers, a woman whose face is apparently a port, and even a golden toilet. But would you believe that wars have been started and are threatening to be started over the environment? More particularly, even in our present democratic world, wars are brewing over increasingly inadequate resources. Continue reading

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